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Name:Clark Kent
Birthdate:Jun 14

Born to scientifically inclined parents on the doomed planet of Krypton, Kal-El was placed in a space-worthy lifepod as a baby and sent out into the universe shortly before their homeworld was destroyed, his eventual destination the planet called Earth. Found and adopted by a rural farming couple, he grew up as Clark Kent: a lonely kid ostracized by much of the community for sometimes doing strange things. After graduating high school, he began roaming the world, in hopes of finding out where he came from, working odd jobs and helping others on the sly.

Clark is 6'4" with blue eyes and dark hair. He's very muscular but generally wears casual clothing like jeans and flannel, and travels light. While he doesn't talk about his past much, he's still fairly friendly. He's also willing to drop whatever he's doing and help out if the need presents itself.

✰ Clark Kent is property of DC Comics. He appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing from which no profit whatsoever is being made.

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typist and character are over 21.
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